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Rainbow Friends Purple

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When did you last play a horror game that took your sleep away? If you have not enjoyed enough thrills recently, you can easily improve it. All you need to do is to join Rainbow Friends on the Roblox platform. Here, you will have only one mission – to survive five long nights in a mysterious location full of scary monsters. They are called rainbow friends as they come in different colors. Are you ready to meet them all face to face? Then, good luck, but do not say we have not warned you it is going to be a creepy experience.

How did you get in trouble?

The story starts in a rather routine way. Your character goes in a bus to the entertainment park. But the expected fun was roughly interrupted – the hero is kidnapped. Now the story drastically changes into a survival adventure. You will find yourself in an empty location that is full of monsters. And your task is to spend five long nights in their company. Your opponents are called rainbow friends. It is easily explained – the enemies come in different colors. And every night you will meet a new antagonist. At first, you will see Blue, a blue creature with a crown. When you see him on the horizon, hide in the box. And if the monster still notices you, try to run as fast as you can. Your second meeting is with Green! This opponent has too long hands – so be careful to keep at a safe distance. Then, get ready to see Orange, a super-fast lizard with a huge mouth. But the creepiest encounter is still ahead!

Survive after meeting Purple!

It is the scariest antagonist in this project. Purple lives in the vent shaft and moves through its channels. The monster is watching all the movements of the character, and as soon as you come too close to him and steps into the water, he will immediately catch you. So you have to watch your every step to avoid pools. It will be extremely difficult to remember this rule and follow it. Whenever you see a vent in front of you, make sure there are no eyes or hands in purple color creeping out from it. Will you manage to solve enough tasks and quests to remain alive for five long nights? Be careful as rainbow friends are just looking for the moment to catch you!

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