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Rainbow Friends Vs Poppy Playtime

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Fans of horror games surely know all about Poppy Playtime. The blood-chilling story about an empty toy plant seized by evil toys has been around long enough to become some kind of horror classics. The images of monsters that look cute with their soft wooly hair, big eyes and broad smiles have inspired a new similar project – Rainbow Friends. Here you will meet another bunch of charming killer packed into a toylike appearance. Wanna find out more? Start playing!

Huggy Wuggy reincarnated – as a new bunch of monster cuties!

This time the action will unfold on another location that is associated with fun and kids – in an old amusement park. It used to be a loud and cheerful place, but now it lies abandoned and has become home to some strange and rather dangerous creatures. Most likely, they used to be some kind of park mascots back in the day because they don’t look like any of the vile beings you imagine when you hear the word monster. On the contrary, they look sweet and even adorable. And they are colorful! How can they even be dangerous? Just wait! You are going to find out soon enough!

As you can already guess, your goal is to make your way out of the park without being killed by any of the Rainbow Friends. But that won’t be so easy. You can’t just go and walk out of the main gate. First you’ll have to search for various objects – a quest that will take you five full nights. These items are waiting for you in different parts of the map, so you’ll have a chance to meet each of the monsters in their natural habitat.

Learn what each monster is all about and use it against them!

Just like in Poppy Playtime where each of the toys has its own pattern of actions, Rainbow Friends stick to their habits too. And the sooner you figure it out the better. The general recommendation for meeting a monster is to run or hide some place – for example, in a closer or in a box or behind the door. However, you should remember that not all of these options are good enough for every monster. For instance, Green ignores boxes and will gladly kill you while you’re inside it, but it can baffle Blue and Orange. Understanding little things like that will significantly increase your chances of surviving in the game. Plunge right into this amazing horror adventure and enjoy the thrill!

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