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The Baby In Yellow

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This horror adventure is not scary at all in the beginning. On the contrary, the players may even get upset about a routine plot. You play for a babysitter who needs to stay with a little child for a few days. It does not seem to be frightening at all. And the baby in yellow seems cool. But wait until the night comes.

What does the baby hide?

At first, all goes well. You are busy with different things around the house – you feed your little ward, change his diapers and sort out the toys. But soon, you will start spotting strange details – some objects change their positions on their own. And even when you are sure that you have switched off the light, you find it on! And one moment, the baby disappears! Now you can explore this big and gloomy mansion. It will turn into a scary adventure as all the rooms are full of traps. Who stands behind it all? Find it out!

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