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Roblox is a famous gaming platform where you can find entertainment to absolutely any taste. And all fans of thrills and jumpscares will be delighted to discover a new exciting horror project – Rainbow Friends. Are you ready to go through scary adventures in Odd World? Then it is time to join the platform and gain a new experience with thousands of other players.

What is it all about?

The general idea of this entertainment is very close to FNAF. Everything starts when a group of school children goes on a bus to the entertainment park with a strange name Odd World. You play for one of them. But the trip completely went off the plan, and the travelers were kidnapped. You will be now left face to face with terrible creatures and need to invent something if you want to remain alive. Your opponents are monsters that come in all colors of a rainbow. You will have to spend several nights with them and survive. Every night, a new monstrosity will appear to confront you. And you need to help your character perform lots of exciting quests and tasks to avoid a painful outcome. You will find yourself in many situations where you need to make instant decisions to make your way through multiple obstacles. Do not disable your sound while playing. And the best option is to put on your headphones. This way, you will be able to hear the approaching footsteps and react to the coming danger in time.

Who are rainbow friends?

These are your enemies. And you should do all in your power to escape them before they bring you any harm. Every night, you will deal with a new monster. The first night is the night of Blue. This creature is blue all over and wears a crown! Make sure you hide in a box before he spots you. If your enemy still sees you, a red exclamation mark will burn above your head – leave your box as run fast to find a new inconspicuous place to hide. The next night, you will meet a green antagonist. He comes with abnormally long hands and is completely blind. You need to avoid touching him. Next, you meet Orange, a little lizard with a huge mouth full of teeth. And the creepiest monster is Purple. It mainly appears from the vents – so watch not to walk too close to these if you do not want to be caught! And this is not the full list! There is also a mysterious Red monster who is still to meet you soon. Get ready! Currently, Red is the narrator who will give you tips. Will you manage to survive five long nights?

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