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Rainbow Friends Chapter 2

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What makes a good horror game? First of all, a creepy and atmospheric setting. Secondly, a proper amount of suspense with screamers and jumpscares following minutes of paranoid roaming through some dark and confusing place. And thirdly, the monsters that threaten you should be really dangerous and unpredictable. You will find all that in Rainbow Friends Chapter 2!

Plunge into a thrilling horror adventure!

This is a story about a bunch of kids who were kidnapped by some mysterious character and trapped in an amusement park that is now empty. Here you will be hunted by several monsters known as Rainbow Friends. In total, there will be four of them, and each will appear every night of your stay at this horrible place.

At first sight, there is nothing particularly scary about them – they are fluffy and soft, they seem to have friendly faces and maybe they are not so dangerous after all. You’d better not check it out in practice! Getting close to Rainbow Friends (or letting them get close to you) may well end up in your death. When you see any of them, run or hide!

Make it through five nights and get out!

However, you should consider the specific behavior of each monster for the most successful passage. Since they are named according to their colors, you will have no trouble telling one from the other. Some of them will behave in a rather straightforward way, others will lurk in certain areas and wait for you to pass by. For instance, you have to be careful around water cause that’s where Purple spawns. And you shouldn’t be too happy about the fact that Green seems to be blind – he is way better at finding you when you hide somewhere because his other senses are heightened.

Aside from staying away from the monsters, you will also have to complete various tasks that will help you get out. On each night, you will have to find a certain number of objects – for instance, food packs or batteries for the power generator. These objects may seem random, but they might get rather useful to you later. For example, packs with food will help you distract Orange who will come out of his lair only when he’s hungry. Eventually, you have to survive through the last night and escape this nightmare! Good luck!

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