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Rainbow Friends

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One of the best days at school is probably the one when your teacher announces that you are about to skip classes and go on a field trip to a recently opened amusement park instead. What a great surprise! The heroes of Rainbow Friends were thrilled by the news and already savored getting onto some head-spinning rides and stuffing themselves with tons of cotton candy ignoring the possible stomach afterwards. However, something went wrong. And instead of having fun they ended up trying to survive in a real nightmare!

Survive in the amusement park for five nights!

The events start when the kids are kidnapped by a strange creature that doesn’t really show itself. You’ll have a chance to get to know it a little better later. Right now you are confused and scared, wandering around an abandoned and creepy place and trying to figure out how to make it out of here. This is where you have to survive for five nights – a concept that is somewhat familiar, right? We’ve already seen in before in games like FNAF, so if you ever played it, it will be easier for you to realize what you should do.

While you’re here, you have to explore the map, collect various items that will come in handy for you and beware of the monsters that spawn on the location when the darkness falls. Your antagonists in the game are so-called Rainbow Friends – as you can imply, they all are of different color making it easier for you to differentiate between them. Each of them has his own specific features and behavior, and knowing them will help you pick the right tactics while completing the tasks for every night!

Meet the Rainbow Friends!

The first Rainbow Friend will make his appearance on the first night. His name is Blue. He will roam the map trying to find and kill you, but you can get away from him by hiding in the closet or in the box. It won’t be so simple with Green who appears the night after – while he is blind and won’t see you in front of him, he can still find you by groping around, even if you are in the box. The third night will add two monsters at once – Orange and Purple. You can easily deal with Orange by feeding him. Then he will stay in his lair, and you’ll be one problem short. Luckily, you will instantly see when he is out on the hunt because he will be moving along an orange line marking his route. Purple sticks to the ventilation system. Stay far away from water, or he will pull you in! Find out more and enjoy this gripping horror story playing Rainbow Friends online!

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