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Rainbow Friends Roblox

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Whenever there is a new hot game online, it’s only a matter of time before we see it on Roblox. And Rainbow Friends is no exception. Prepare to meet the bulky square-headed version of Blue, Green, Orange and Purple and to set out on another round of horror searches in a cubic environment that looks even more surreal and creepier! It’s up to you whether you will survive and make your way home successfully or end up lying in this abandoned amusement park as another dead body…

Amusement parks are not always that amusing…

The whole thing starts when you got kidnapped by some stranger during a school field trip. This unknown person takes you to an amusement park – or at least, something that seemed to have been one. Now it’s only a shadow of a place it used to be and instead of happy kids there strange monsters roaming here. Since they are all of different colors, they are dubbed Rainbow Friends. However, they are far from friendly and you will see that after your first encounter with Blue who appears on the first night and starts running after you all over the map. In total, you have to go through five nights, so get ready, they will be hot!

New night – new monster!

Other monsters hit the stage consequently – on the second night, Blue is helped by Green who is blind but very dexterous, and the third night introduces both Orange and Purple. They can be easily avoided though if you just don’t forget to feed Orange and maximize your distance to any sources of water where Purple lives. The fourth night will give you a short break from any new monsters – instead of figuring out how to save your life, you will have to repair the power generator that breaks down. The fifth night is a party night and also your chance to escape. For that, you will have to run through the ventilation system followed by Blue and with Purple lying in ambush. If you can make it to the surface, you will successfully escape the terrifying amusement park! Set off on this gripping horror quest playing Rainbow Friends Roblox online!

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