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Rainbow Friends FNF

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Every time we turn on a new FNF mod, we already know we’re in for a fresh batch of musical adventures featuring new characters. We have already seen many of them in other games, and we are even interested to see how they will sing and rap on the virtual stage we already know. This time, Boyfriend got into the world of Rainbow Friends and is now forced to fight creepy monsters from the popular horror in a hip-hop duel to stay alive.

Listen to the rhythm and catch the beat!

The gameplay rules have not changed compared to previous versions. The battle will start from the first note of the song that will play from your speakers. To fully enjoy the sound and melody, we recommend playing with headphones. Your fingers should already be on the appropriate keys – either arrows or WASD. Every time you hear another beat, you have to press a button to earn points. But not any button, namely the one that is shown on the screen. Take a closer look – above the head of your character you will see floating arrows that correspond to one of the four keys. That is, to successfully play Rainbow Friends FNF, you need not only a good ear for music, but also excellent coordination.

Survive three rounds and earn maximum points!

Each battle lasts three rounds. As the game progresses, the difficulty is constantly increasing – if at first the rhythm of the song is rather slow and simple, then gradually you will encounter more and more abrupt changes in tempo and melody. You will have to listen carefully to the music to catch all these details.

By hitting the beat several times in a row, you can get an epic combo that will not only delight the audience, but also bring you an increased number of points. However, if you make mistakes often, it can be detrimental to your health. Also, remember that your opponents are vile monsters who can use various cunning tricks. Beware of them and keep your eyes peeled not to skip any signs of danger!

Rainbow Friends FNF is sure to please all fans of either of these two games. You will find bright graphics, incredible new rap adventures and incendiary tracks that you will definitely want to add to your audio collection. Start playing right now and enjoy the groovy rhythms of another fresh Friday Night Funkin mod!

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