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Rainbow Friends Garry’s Mod

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Are you in the mood for some thrills? Then it is the right time to play Rainbow Friends in Garry’s Mod! Have you already met these monsters? If so, you know that all these personages come in different colors. And each of them has his own power. The antagonists will start hunting you from the first minute. Your task is to survive several nights in their company. Are you brave enough for such a challenge?

Create new rainbow friends!

The original release of the game comes with four monsters – Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple. But Garry’s Mod allows you an absolutely thrilling thing – you can now create additional antagonists in other colors. Can you imagine what a thrilling adventure awaits you now? Create Pink and Yellow monsters to your liking and then try to escape this weird bunch! You can easily trick Blue by hiding in a box, and avoid the long hands of Green by running away from him. To calm down Orange, you must feed him enough, and not to become a victim of Purple, you should avoid stepping into the water. And what new features will your new personages have? It all depends only on your creativity!

Do your best to trick them all

As you know well, Garry’s Mod greatly expands the capabilities of the players. But, at the same time, your enemies may also get additional superpowers. Now, you can invent new adventures and enjoy them to the fullest. The only task is to learn how you can deal with each of the rainbow friends in the most efficient way. You just need to be extremely attentive and shrewd to hold out for five nights in this insane company and survive!

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