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Friday Night Funkin

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Are you a good dancer? It is easy to check your skills in the FNF musical game. It is a series of rap battles where you play for a blue-haired boy who fights for his love. And he needs to do it in a very weird way – they guy must participate in never-ending rhythmical duels with all imaginable antagonists. What about giving it a try?

Make sure to catch every single note!

You have only one goal in this game – to outperform your opponent in the dancing arena. For this, you must repeat the rhythm of the song with no mistakes. It means, you must move flawlessly and catch every single beat of the music. How to coordinate Boyfriend’s moves? You will see arrow signs that are floating above his head – make sure to press them in time to make your hero move smoothly to the music. Watch your progress bar – it needs to remain green if you want to become a winner.

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