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Rainbow Friends Minecraft

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Your favorite Minecraft universe offers more and more fun. Today, it is not only a platform for construction – you can enjoy much more activities here. And if you are a fan of horror adventures, you can easily find them in Rainbow Friends mod. This add-on will transform your Minecraft fun into a creepy survival story. Are you ready to test your skills and confront colored monsters?

Who are rainbow friends?

These dangerous creatures come from the eponymous project. They all have one common aim – to catch the character and deal with him. But each monster is unique and comes with an individual set of features. You will meet Blue, Green, Orange and Purple opponents. Try to hind from them whenever you hear their heavy breathing or footsteps. It is the best approach to avoid the meeting, otherwise, you will have to run fast for your enemies not reach you. You will also have a box you can use as a shelter. But whenever the opponent notices you, the red mark will start blinking above your head. It is a signal that you need to leave the box as soon as possible and look for a new inconspicuous place to hide. It will be a real challenge when you need to deal with several antagonists at once!

Do your best to survive!

You need to carefully study the behavior of each rainbow friend to react correctly. If you can simply hide from Blue, then you will need a different tactic with Green. And when it comes to Orange – you will never be able to be faster than this fast lizard. So you need to feed him to stay safe. Do not forget about Purple, the monster who lives in the ventilation. He will catch you as soon as you approach too close or just step into the water. So will you manage to hold out for five long nights and remember all these rules to fend off your enemies?

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