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Cuphead Brothers In Arms

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You surely know this funny personage and his previous adventures. It is Cuphead, a weird creature with a cup instead of his head. However, this feature does not make him weak or vulnerable. On the contrary, the hero is really warlike and determined to deal with all the bosses on his way! But he needs a little support to be on the safe side. Are you willing to lend him a hand?

Defeat everyone around!

This time, the mission is going to be extremely hard as Cuphead will need to confront three bosses at once. But he wants to become really popular and does not seem to give up! Help the hero to respond to multiple attacks from different directions. It is going to be a challenge as you need to demonstrate your best reaction skills. Do your best for not letting the enemies hit Cuphead with a bullet or injure him in any other way. Help this cute personage become a winner again!

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