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Piggy Escape From The Pig

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All players immediately associate Piggy with a friendly and lovely character. But something really terrible happened to this personage, and in this game, you will see as a cruel monster. You will play for a hero that was imprisoned in the house of evil Piggy, and now she is going to kill him. Are you strong enough to escape the fatal ending?

Run without a stop!

Piggy will follow you on your heels. And all you can do is to run as fast as possible. It will be a real challenge to find a front door in this huge house and a key to it. Your enemy is not stupid at all, and she set lots of traps and obstacles around to stop you. So carefully look around not to fall down. It will be enough for Piggy to approach you enough close to touch you, and you will lose. So make sure you move at a lightning speed and keep at a safe distance from the dangerous antagonist!

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