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Rainbow Friends Chapter 1

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Do you think all monsters are huge, terrifying and snarling? You just haven’t met the Rainbow Friends! At first sight, they don’t seem to be monsters at all. More like some big fluffy toys that came alive and want to play with you. You should beware though – such games can easily make you end up dead! So you have to watch your step very closely exploring this amusement park and keep your ears sharp to react to the slightest noise signaling about one of them approaching. So, are you ready for this gripping adventure in the style of Granny and FNAF? Then let’s begin!

Welcome to a horror amusement park!

In Fight Nights at Freddy’s, you were working as a night guard at a pizza house inhabited by evil toys. In Granny, you were locked up in a dark and eerie manor by a crazy maniac who enjoys playing hide-and-seek. This time you will find yourself in some kind of an amusement park which is a little different from what you would expect. There are no visitors, no screams of excitement, the rides stand still and the power can go off at night. To survive in this place, you have to learn the habits of the monsters that live here and also to search for items that will help you deal with any issues like blackouts and other.

Search for objects and steer clear of the Rainbow Friends!

The gameplay is classic for any horror of the kind. At the beginning of a new night, you will start searching the location for the objects that are listen on the screen. You have to gather a certain number of those things and perform the required manipulations with them. However, you have to be careful not to get into the paws of any of the monsters. Luckily, they won’t attack at once and will be added one by one, so you’ll have time to wrap your head around it. Start playing the first chapter and see how it ends!

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