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Rainbow Friends Chapter 3

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If you are surrounded by monsters that are trying to kill you, what should you do? Of course, you need to get away as soon as you can. But you will be able to do it easily if you learn the habits and peculiarities of every creature hunting you. It’s not only reasonable, but also very interesting! So, are you ready to get to know the Rainbow Friends a little better?

The box will save you, but not from everyone!

To pass Rainbow Friends successfully, you need to consider the abilities and behavior patterns of each monster. The first one you are going to meet is Blue. He will start running towards you immediately after noticing you, but since he’s slower than the main hero, you will have no trouble running away from him – unless you bump into him in a closed space. It’s also rather easy to hide from him behind some tall object like a door or closet.

A much more dangerous one is Green. He is blind and he doesn’t see you, so running away at certain distance from him and standing still until he leaves might do the trick. However, he can’t be fooled by tricks like hiding in a box and will kill you even if you’re sitting inside. His bad sight makes him clumsy, so you can also try to avoid a direct contact by diving into a gap between his body and paw as he swings it to grab you.

Don’t forget to leave some food in the bowl and restrain from bathing tonight!

Starting with the third night, you’ll get to know Orange. He can be kept at bay simply by feeding him. As long as there is food in his bowl, he won’t even get out of his lair. Just press the dispenser button every several minutes to make sure he’s not a threat. However, if he’s out of stuff to binge on, he will leave the cave and start moving along orange arrows indicating his trajectory. Lastly, there is Purple who is a water monster living in the vents. You can avoid him as long as you stay out of water. Now you’re armed with the best possible weapon – knowledge – and your chances of survival in Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 are much higher!

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