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Cuphead: Wally Warbles Boss Fight – Aviary Action

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It is a new adventure of brave Cuphead. You have definitely met this cute personage as he has already defeated a lot of various bosses. But this time, the level of danger is critical. Cuphead will have to confront a new terrible opponent. And it is Wally Warbles, a scary bird boss. Come to his rescue – he will struggle without support!

Do your best to destroy your opponent!

The hero has enough skills to fend off any enemy. But now, his adversary is especially treacherous as he can fly. Cuphead can also perform various stunts if you help him. Make sure you coordinate his moves and protect from the attacks of evil Wally Warbles. You can use lots of tricks to prevent your opponent from reaching you. Are you smart enough to dodge all the hits? It will be extremely difficult to win this uneven battle but you have everything you need for it!

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